Welcome New Patients!

We are ready to get started serving you and your rehabilitation needs. Before we get going, we need information on the patient. Patient, medical and insurance information needs to be gathered so we can serve and treat you in the best way possible.

You will find a patient form below that you can fill out online. If you would rather download, print, and fill out the form via PDF download, you will find it under the fillable form. If you choose to do the latter, please scan it back in and upload it via the “Upload File” option under the form. If you are unable to scan to your computer, you can bring these forms with you to the office.

Please Note: The “New Patient” form has four total sections. As you will see, most of the form fields are required. Please fill out the form in its entirety before submitting.

User Information

Patient Information

You will receive your statement at this email address!
If patient is a student, please provide the parent's number.
If this is not the patients cell phone number, please provide details

In Case of an emergency

Insurance Information

Financial Agreement

Medical History Questionnaire

Patient Authorization | Consent & Release Form

Cell Phone Consent Form


* If there are errors in your submission, there will be a (red) error message telling you what needs correcting.

Please watch this video for information on insurance deductibles: