Most (physical) injuries can be seen on the surface; you do not have to look past the crutches, walkers, or casts to see that someone is injured. The aftermath of injuries usually result through surgical scars, casting to help heal broken bones, crutches and walkers to help regain mobility, and many other outwardly noticeable aids that help one recover from an injury. Nonetheless, the emotional toll an injury can have, unfortunately, can go completely unnoticed or ignored by the patient himself/herself or loved ones caring for them.

At Pro Impact, we are here to help all of our patients through every step of the physical therapy process. Yes, this includes helping you or your loved one find a way to emotionally heal as well. Injuries are not only about walking the road to recovery physically, but also emotionally as well. We are here to help you in all stages of your healing process.


There is a safe place by the name of “Hope City” where we have been fortunate enough to build strong relationships with the counselors who know where to start in the healing process. We want you to know they are available to you or you loved one, no matter the size or kind of emotional toll an injury may be taking on you. We invite you to visit their website and read more about this wonderful place by visiting the link below.

Hope City Counseling